Hawaii and California Alternative Document Loans

Pacific Home Loans Alternative Document programs are a return to common sense underwriting.

Alt-Doc and Non-QM loans are not just for the self-employed or investors. Recently, new lender certifications have made it possible to finance Primary and Second Home buyers with “Alternative Document” and “No Doc” loan programs.

When you apply for a loan with Pacific Home Loans, your Loan Officer will explore all of the underwriting options with competitive rates for you, including:

  • Full Income Verification (traditional underwriting)
  • No Doc, No Job, and No Debt-to-Income Ratio
  • Asset-Related Loan
  • Bank Statement Loan
  • 1099 Loan
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)
  • Individual Tax ID Number – No SSN!
  • Foreign Nationals – Easy Qualifying!
  • Private Money Loan

Brand New Primary and Second Home No Doc Loan

If you cannot, or do not want to qualify for a full income verification underwriting, you may be eligible for our “No Doc” loan program. This exclusive mortgage product is unique in the marketplace.

Primary and Second Home – No Doc – No Ratio

Asset-Based Lending

No employment or income needed. Asset based lending just got a whole lot easier. Available for purchasing or refinancing a Primary Residence, Second Home or Investment property.

Asset-Based Loan

Bank Statement – Self-Employed
No tax returns needed! Qualify for a Primary, Second home, or Investment property with 3 to 12 months’ bank statements. For self-employed investors, DSCR income can be used to qualify in addition to bank statements.

Bank Statement Loan

1099 Program
Perfect for the self-employed borrower on a 1099 who cannot qualify for a full doc (traditional) mortgage loan. The most recent 1099 statements from 1 or 2 years ago will be used to qualify.

1099 Loan Program

Investor – Cash Flow

An excellent option for an investor looking to refinance a home, condo, or condotel in Hawaii or California, and cannot or does not want to provide tax returns to qualify. This program is ideal for the investor who wants to use the cash flow from the subject property for qualifying – this includes the daily rental income from a condotel, VRBO,  Airbnb, etc.

Investor Cash Flow

ITIN Program – Individual Tax ID Number

If you are ineligible for a Social Security Number: ITINs are issued to both resident and nonresident aliens for tax-reporting purposes. This program requires a minimum 20% down payment.

ITIN Loan Program

Foreign National

For non-owner occupancy only; eligible for all property classifications including condotels. A letter of good standing with current financial institution or international credit report is needed. No income or job required for qualifying. Available loan terms are:  5-year ARM, 7-year ARM, 15-year Fixed Rate, or 30-year Fixed Rate.

Foreign Borrower Loan Program

Investor – Private Money
Equity-based purchase, refinance and construction loans.

Private Money Loan