Hawaii Vacation Rental Condo Loans


Minimum down 5%
30yr fixed @ 4% zero points / APR 4.501%

Second Home*

Minimum down 10%
30yr fixed @ 4% zero points / APR 4.498%

*Shopping for a Purchase Loan
This program allows you to finance as a second home (some restrictions apply) and, provided you stay in the unit a minimum of 14 days per year, you will be permitted to rent the unit immediately after closing. It is acceptable to honor future bookings on your purchase contract, too.
*Considering a Refinance
Provided you do not need the rental income from the subject condo, you may be eligible for a second home rate when you refinance.

Primary or Second Home

20% down
30yr fixed @ 4% zero points / 4.051%


25% down
30yr fixed @ 4.49 zero points / 4.546%

• This program is not eligible for condos that have timeshare units on the property
• Condos with a registration desk will be approved on a case-by-case basis
• The rate quote is based on a 740 FICO • Minimum FICO for this program is 620

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