• Hawaii Stated Income Loan

    Our Hawaii Stated Income Loan, with its quick application and hassle-free process, is designed for investors with complex financials, good credit, and substantial liquidity.

    *This program is no longer available but please check out the following Pacific Home Loans Alternative Document Loan Programs:

    Self-employed borrower
    No tax returns needed - Qualify with 12 months’ bank statements 

    Bank Statement Loan 

    High net worth borrower
    No employment or income needed. It is possible to qualify based on assets alone – The Asset Depletion Loan can be used concurrently with the Bank Statement Loan.

    Asset Depletion Loan

    As an alternative to Hard Money Loans, without the high-cost and inflated rates of Private Money, Pacific Home Loans offers the following loan programs for Investors Only.

    Investor - No income verification loan
    The applicant will complete the traditional underwriting process with no income verification.

    No Income Verification Loan

    Investor - Property cash flow loan   
    This program is designed for experienced real estate investors and qualifies borrowers based on cash-flow solely from the subject property.
    Property Cash Flow Loan

    Investor - Private Money
    Equity-based purchase, refinance and construction loans.
    Private Money Loan 

  • These products may have a higher interest rate, more points or more fees than other products that require documentation.