Why Use a Hawaii Private Mortgage Lender

This is for you non-traditional borrowers. If you’re a real estate developer, house flipper, general contractor or otherwise have special financing needs, you should develop a relationship with a direct lender for those projects that traditional lenders just don’t get.

If you’re having trouble getting financed through the banks, give Pacific Home Loans a call. As a direct lender on the ground here in Hawaii, we can offer borrowers much more streamlined, hassle-free underwriting, and we can line up fast closings – in as little as two weeks.

“Po na maka i ka noe, i ka pahulu ke ala loa”
“The eyes are blinded by the fog, making the road seem longer.”
Said to warn people not to be deceived by first appearances.

Our direct lending solutions are ideal for business owners, flippers and investors. A Hawaii private money lender can be of great help in bringing your project to completion.

Contact Pacific Home Loans if any of these circumstances apply:

•You need a fast, no-nonsense closing;

•You need to work with a lender who has some common sense, but who is also creative enough to see the value in a property;

•You need a bridge loan to complete construction or rehab;

•You need a short-term loan to get prepared for lower-cost financing options;

•Time is off the essence;

•You have the ability to repay the loan, but you need some non-traditional credit underwriting;

•You need to secure the loan entirely by cash flows from the property;

•You don’t want to worry about income verification, tax returns, etc.;

•You need or want to use a cross collateral arrangement;

•You want cash out and you don’t want to have to worry about “seasoning” requirements;

•You need money to see you through short sale, foreclosure or REO flips;

•You need to move fast to meet the Section 1031 deadline.

We are happy to provide financing for ground-up construction, ‘bridge’ situations, extensive renovations and rehabs, hurricane damage repair financing, repositionings and any other type of unconventional residential funding.

As a kama’aina lender, we’re familiar with the unique circumstances of buying and selling real estate in Hawaii, and we know the neighborhoods. And we have the capital on hand and can make decisions quickly. We know that helps close deals.

You should understand that interest rates on this type of loan are generally higher than conventional home loans. But terms are much more flexible. For shorter-term and special situation loans, ease of underwriting, speed of closing and flexible terms are often much more important than interest rates.

If you have a property in mind and you need a Hawaii-based lender who is flexible and can move fast, call Pacific Home Loans today at (808) 891-0415.

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