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Exploring Condotel Financing Specials for Buying a Hawaii Vacation Rental

Exploring Condotel Financing Specials for Buying a Hawaii Vacation Rental Introduction to Condotel Financing in Hawaii Buying a Hawaii vacation rental: Condotel properties have consistently shown strong sales figures in the Hawaii real estate market in 2023. While local banks have traditionally been the preferred choice for Condotel home loans, [...]

Rethinking Down Payment Sources: 3 Creative Ideas

As property prices increase, down payments increase, too. This reality can make it feel like buying a home is not possible. But here are three creative ways to source funds for a down payment that you may not have thought of. Use a HELOC to unlock the equity in [...]

Pacific Home Loans – Your Premier Condotel Lender

Pacific Home Loans is a Premier Condotel Lender, with over 19 years of experience financing condotels. We closed our first condotel loan in 2003, and in 2007, we established lending relationships with some of the leading local banks. Since then, we have consistently been a top producer of condotel [...]

How to Apply for a Mortgage During COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected us all. But all of us at Pacific Home Loans, as well as all the realtors, title agents, attorneys, notaries, appraisers, and all of the other professionals we work with, are committed to making the home buying process as safe as possible for all [...]

It Just Got Easier to Buy A Condominium in Hawaii!

It just got a lot easier to buy Hawaii condominiums. The Federal Housing Administration just announced they were relaxing their strict rules against using FHA loans to finance the vast majority of condominiums. The new rules will mean Hawaii’s home buyers who want to own condominiums will have many [...]

9 Tips for Furnishing Your Hawaii Home

Buying a home in Hawaii? You already know that space is at a premium. Honolulu, especially, has some of the highest home prices per square foot in the country, at $682/sq. ft. On Maui, currently-listed homes are priced at $651/sq. ft, according to Zillow. At the same time, actual home [...]

NEW!! Hawaii Vacation Rental Condo Loans

*NEW!!! Hawaii Vacation Rental Condo Loans Primary Minimum down 5% 30yr fixed @ 4% zero points / APR 4.501% Second Home* Minimum down 10% 30yr fixed @ 4% zero points / APR 4.498% *Shopping for a Purchase Loan This program allows you to finance as a second home (some [...]

Buying a Hurricane-Proof Home in Hawaii

Hurricane season is here. In the northern hemisphere, hurricanes typically form between June 1st and November 30th, as the waters warm up. In the central Pacific Basin, July and August are the most active months. Lenders routinely require hurricane insurance as a condition of approving a home loan in Hawaii. [...]

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