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How to Buy a Home with a Low Down Payment in Hawaii

The good news is: even if you don’t have a full 20% down to put on your Hawaii dream home, you still have lots of options. We work with people who have just 15%, 10%, 5% or nothing to put down every day! Here are several ways you can [...]

Hawaii Homebuyers: Should You Go Conventional or FHA?

Lots of people ask us whether it’s best to get a Conventional mortgage – one that meets the minimum requirements for purchase by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac – or apply for an FHA loan. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so the answer is usually, “It depends!” [...]

Financing a Hawaii Property Purchase with a Renovation Loan

The Opportunity Have you been shopping for a home, but feel like you are priced out of the market? It may not be too late for you to buy. With the right property and a little imagination, you can now finance the purchase and the renovation expenses together [...]

How to Get a Mortgage for a Fixer-Upper House

This post is for you home shoppers and/or investors who found a great house that needs some work, but you don’t have the cash for both the needed repairs and for the down payment up front. It’s also for you if you found a great fixer-upper opportunity, but you can’t [...]

Why Use a Hawaii Private Mortgage Lender?

This is for you non-traditional borrowers. If you’re a real estate developer, house flipper, general contractor or otherwise have special financing needs, you should develop a relationship with a direct lender for those projects that traditional lenders just don’t get. If you’re having trouble getting financed through the [...]

The High Cost of Not Buying

Buying a home in Hawaii is expensive. But not buying is even more expensive. Why? Because when you own a home, over a long period of time your mortgage payments are generally more than offset by two factors: 1.) Appreciating home values 2.) Steadily increasing rents 20 years ago, [...]

You Don’t Need Perfect Credit to Buy a Home in Hawaii

Don’t wait til your credit score is perfect. There’s an old proverb that goes “the best is the mortal enemy of the good enough.” This means that waiting for conditions to be absolutely perfect can be costlier and more counterproductive than acting boldly in the moment when conditions are [...]

Alternative Financing Options for Hawaii Real Estate Investors

Real estate is a time-tested long-term wealth generator. Few other investments offer the same qualities in combination as real estate does: • Current rental income/cash flow • Potential for price appreciation • Tangible value • Built-in hedge against inflation • Ready availability of leverage • Tax deductions for depreciation [...]

Hawaii Alternative Document Mortgages

For many years, buying a home has been difficult for small business owners, contractors, and the self-employed. If you own a small business or you're one of the millions of self-employed and gig economy workers in Hawaii and the mainland U.S., take heart: we know you’re out there—and [...]

Hawaii Home Insurance Tips

For most families, their home is the single biggest financial asset. That’s especially true here in Hawaii, where the average home value now exceeds $800,000. That means that unless you insure it properly, a disaster that affects your home could be a financial catastrophe from which you and your family [...]

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