• Exclusive Hawaii Jumbo Reverse Mortgage

    Loan Amounts up to $4 Million to Refinance or Purchase!

    If you’re age 62 or older and you own or wish to purchase a higher-valued home, you can now access more of your home equity or spend less cash to buy a new home.

    Advantages of the Hawaii Jumbo Reverse Mortgage over the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM):

    Loan amounts up to $4 million—significantly more than a HECM allows

    No mortgage insurance premium

    No initial disbursement limitation—you can take the full amount at closing

    Condominiums appraised at $500,000 or more do not require FHA approval

    Use a Jumbo Reverse Mortgage to eliminate mortgage debt
    and free up funds to pay for virtually anything!

    You can use your proceeds as you choose and to fund a more comfortable and secure retirement. For example:

    Pay off existing mortgage debt to eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve cash flow

    Buy a house or condo in an upscale area

    Pay for home improvements

    Cover medical or in-home care expenses

    Refinance an existing reverse mortgage to access a larger pool of funds

    Contact us for a consultation and have all of your Hawaii reverse mortgage questions answered today!

    You’ll find out:
    Do I qualify for a reverse mortgage?
    How much money can I get?
    Is a reverse mortgage right for me?
    How does a reverse mortgage work?
    What kind of reverse mortgage products are available to me?

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