Hawaii Home Possible Loan Program

Freddie Mac is helping to make home ownership a reality for more home buyers with the Hawaii Home Possible Loan Program.

Flexible underwriting
The flexible underwriting makes the Home Possible® loan ideal for first-time home buyers.

Low down payment
The low 3% minimum down payment makes owning a Home Possible® for more buyers. The low down is available for first-time home buyers and repeat buyers.

Boarder income
Need additional income to qualify? It may be possible for you to use the rent from a boarder to qualify.

No FICO Score
Provided at least one of the borrowers on the loan has a minimum of a 680 FICO score, the income from a borrower with no FICO score will be eligible for qualifying.

MCC Grant
The MCC Grant is available for qualified first-time home buyers that need additional income to qualify for a loan.

Primary Residence
All borrowers must occupy the subject property.

Home Buyers Counseling
Whether you’re buying a home or condo for the first time, or getting back into the ever-changing market, it is a big deal. Feeling informed and confident can help you navigate all of the steps of the loan process.

Some income restrictions apply.