Buying a Home in Hawaii or California

Being both a Hawaii and California mortgage banker and broker gives Pacific Home Loans the distinction of being both a direct lender and a broker to over twenty banks. This means a greater number of available loan options and a greater possibility of making your dream of buying a home in Hawaii or California a reality.

Mortgage Banker
Pacific Home Loans can make Hawaii and California home loans directly, which often results in significant cost savings and faster loan processing times.

Mortgage Broker
Pacific Home Loans extensive portfolio of financing partners gives it an edge in offering the best loan program to meet your needs.

Property Classifications Unique to Hawaii

Single Family Residence with an Ohana
It’s typical for homes in Hawaii to have an attached or detached accessory dwelling. The Hawaii accessory dwelling is commonly referred to as an Ohana. A single-family residence with an Ohana is considered a 1- unit home.

If you run across a CPR (Condo Project Regime) property, no problem! PHL specializes in CPR financing.  A CPR property has two or more units, typically a main house and an Ohana that now have separate addresses as a result of the CPR process. An owner will complete the CPR process when they wish to sell their units separately.  A CPR property can have more than two units and can have common areas similar to a condominium. PHL can finance a CPR with a residential home loan. Be aware that some lenders will finance a CPR with a condo loan, and this will result in a higher interest rate. Please email us if we can be of any assistance with your CPR questions.

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