Hawaii  or California FHA 203(K) Renovation Loan

At Pacific Home Loans, we offer our Hawaii and California clients 203(K) Renovation Loans – created just for homeowners and home buyers who are interested in improving their home with a single-close refinance or purchase / renovation loan.

The types of properties available for this loan are:

•Homes that are 1 year or older
•1 to 4-unit single family residences
•A single-family town home or condominium (Cooperatives do not apply)

Call or email today to determine if your property meets the requirements for this loan program.

There are two different FHA 203(K) loan programs available. The first is the Streamlined(K) renovation loan, which is for any homeowner or buyer who wants to make minor changes to their home or condo, with a maximum remodeling fee of $35,000. Below are the types of eligible and ineligible projects for the Streamlined 203(K) loan:

Eligible Streamline(K) Projects

Repair, Replace or Upgrade:

•Roof, gutters and downspouts
•Improvements for accessibility
•Plumbing and electrical systems
•Existing AC system
•Repair, replace or add exterior decks, patios, porches
•Basement waterproofing
•Window, door, and exterior siding replacement
•Septic and/or well repair or replacement
•Lead-based paint stabilization or abatement of lead-based paint hazards

Ineligible Streamline(K) Projects

•Any repair taking more than 6 months to complete
•Repair of structural damage
•Major structural repairs
•New construction (adding a room)
•Repairs requiring detailed plans and specifications
•Repairs that would necessitate more than 2 draws
•Luxury items that are not a permanent part of the real estate
•Granite, marble countertops, Jacuzzi tubs, hot tubs, pools, etc.

The second loan is the Standard FHA 203(K) renovation loan that allows for considerable structural changes, such as improvements, repairs, remodeling or updates to the home. This loan also presents the opportunity for buyers to build a new home or add an accessory dwelling unit (Ohana in Hawaii).

Eligible Standard FHA 203(K) Projects

Structural Alterations and Additions:

•Attached unit (new)
•Remodel kitchen and baths
•Modern upgrades removing obsolescence
•Modernize plumbing, heating, A/C and electrical systems
•Install or repair well or septic systems
•Major landscaping
•Roofing, gutters, and downspouts
•Flooring, tiling, and carpeting
•Energy conservation improvements
•Improvements for accessibility
•New non-attached appliances
•Swimming pool repairs

Overall, the 203(K) Renovation Loan program offers you the advantage of saving money and qualifying for a lower interest rate over the standard construction to permanent loan in addition to opportunities for distressed property deals. Here are some of the advantages available to you:

•Home improvements with a new refinance or purchase loan
•No payments for upgrades prior to loan closing
•A financing program with lower rates
•Financing for home improvement (construction cost/repairs)
•Roll first six payments into the loan

Once you are preapproved for a loan and you decided to finance with the 203(K) loan, your loan officer will schedule an appointment with the state of Hawaii licensed contractor of your choice to provide the following:

•A written work plan along with cost estimates
•The nature, type of repair and the cost of completion
•Proof of license and assurance for each specialized repair
•A written agreement to complete the work for the amount cost estimated within the allotted time

Pacific Home Loans offers the 203(K), HomeStyle, and VA Renovation loan programs. — available on Oahu, Maui, The Big Island, and Kauai and throughout the state of California.