Portfolio Loan Programs

Available in Hawaii and California

Pacific Home Loans offers a variety of Portfolio Loan Programs for Primary Residences, Second Homes, and Investors.

Portfolio Loans are often offered through local banks and credit unions. These institutions use deposited funds to make loans. The loans are then retained as part of the bank or credit union’s “portfolio” and they service the loans. Pacific Home Loans has had ongoing lending relationships with the local banks since 2007.
Another source of funding for Portfolio Loans is from hedge funds. Pacific Home Loans is aligned with several Hedge Fund portfolio funding sources.

How can a Portfolio Loan benefit you?

Depending on the property type that you want to finance, a Portfolio Loan may offer an affordable loan that would not otherwise be available to you. In addition, these loans typically have less stringent underwriting requirements than the government-sponsored loans (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, and USDA).

Pacific Home Loans offers Portfolio Loans on the following property types:

  • Land
  • Construction to permanent
  • Non-warrantable Condo
  • Condotel (learn more about the 3 categories of condos here)
  • Jumbo

At-a-glance features:

  • Conventional and Jumbo loan amounts
  • Minimum FICO 620
  • Maximum DTI 50%
  • As low as 20% down*
  • Never a Prepayment Penalty for Primary Residence and Second Home Loans
    • With some investors, it’s possible to get a lower rate if you agree to a prepayment penalty!
  • Utilize 75% monthly rental income on Investor loans
  • Canadian borrowers – fixed and adjustable rates options available
  • Foreign borrowers eligible

*Depending on the loan program qualifications; subject to change based on borrower, property, and scenario.

Call Pacific Home Loans (808) 891-0415 to learn more about our Portfolio Programs that allow:

  • Short-term Rental Income to be used for Qualifying
  • Investors to use Gift Funds
  • Co-buyers that are not on the loan to contribute to the down payment and closing cost.